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Monday, December 29, 2008

anyone out there

Ahh let the new year arrive. my home computer ... born in 2002 is asking to be laid to rest so i am waiting on my new baby to arrive soon. Thankfully with all the sales I got what i wanted and saved 400 bucks. Granted i want the economy to get better (heard on NPR this a.m. a possible stimulus pkg to single peeps 500 and couples 1000). I know they think we would go wild and spend it somewhere but I feel like hording money and paying bills and waiting for the next days news. christmas, if i compared it as the only child i am, was sparce, but boy did sy and i make it the best holiday so far. tons of tiny presents to open (for me it's the opening more than the end- ahh to rip into paper and destroy a box!) and the entire holiday (unable to meet with family) we played classics on our 1960's radio/record player find from a thrift nearby that i scored for 35 dollars. we made projects for the house and took pictures of all we made like we were taking picture of a new wild creature at the zoo. bringing out old photos and for sy putting his mom's photos in an album vs a big tub. and me- taking out my papa's ww2 chest, now fraile like tin and going through what he determined were things to keep in this man's time capsule. we at cheese and crackers and slept whenever we wanted. so over all a good holiday. though different- wasn't it just "different" in the air as well?
I have been posting via my phone but WHY it won't post them i am still working on. perhaps they will all pop up today.

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