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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time sure its zip zipping by...

So here it is, exactly 19 days till brain surgery! My mind has slowly been grasping what lies ahead. I am having odd ways of dealing with it,& slowly making it"real".
So last week I looked up tons of different ways to wear wraps. From traditional head garb in India,Israel,Tibet,Japan& Africa.
I have been printing out directions & cutting fabric to the demensions needed. Not to mention putting the silk ones I have & sewing 4 of them to make a larger square.

I am in no way a girl who says oh no, my hair! But I do love a reason to change up my wardrobe:)
Plus it will take about a year (at chu for my hair to grow back) so,i thought the hot texas sun would be awful:)

I have tons of sundresses but I am lacking on wrap dresses, so thats my project next week.basically use t-shirts that I have that don't fit anymore, sewing them together like a quilt & making a simple wrap.i will post as I make things.

I also have thought alot about the actual surgery (which is usually done in 3 visits, but mine will be one
Day!)  So,i am not scared & excited I get to be awake for most of it!

But the worry I have is that I am"going into the surgery" needing botox, my abdomen/spinal pump down 45% in my anti spasmotic meds, now ired my moraphine one week...
Basically going in, in pretty bad shape(which is good for seeing the dystonia in action) BUT they turn the stimulator on during the surgery, but only to test the lead location. So I am more worried about the poison while recovering. I won't get botox till a week after, my spinal pump may or not be turned back up,& so on. I just hope, sooner than later I will have relief.

Ok, done for right eye its closing &i should try to get good sleep.

Hope everyone is well when reading this;)

Raising DYSTONIA awareness, ONE person@a time!

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