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Monday, June 13, 2011

An amazing cat

In 2002, I adopted from the vet a 5 year old cat who had a medical condition & had to be on a medicated food the rest of his life.

To be completely honest, I am 100% a "dog person". I only had Hotrod when I moved to Dallas,& he was either depressed or bored, so I thought an older cat would at the least provide him amusement...

Well,Oliver was slapping Hotrod silly& soon took over the "dog"couch.

6 months later,i was blessed with rescuing a puppy from being beat to death, so Harley provided the much needed company Hotrod needed.

And Oliver, well he ruled the house. I had never & will never know a cat like Ollie. He truely thought he was either a dog or human.

His medicated food made him gain alot of weight over the years & no one could come over without either freaking out at his long hair &22 lbs, our laughing at his pure dog attitude.

He would purr but my favorite was his loud talking (really loud) late at night, often saying "ow" "no" or "mama".

This year he is 14. Before my brain surgery, he was losing weight & his "leg warmers"(chubby theighs) soon were gone. I could no longer call him boom-boom or fatty. He was sleeping more, but so was I :)

Tonight, ollie has taken a turn for the worst. He has been unable to make it to the litter box & is losing more & more weight. He keeps saying mama&i can tell he is in pain.

He has put up with my long work hours, my constant fostering of over 50 dogs over the years & the growth of my adopted foster dogs, all who treat him like the mofia boss.

From our 10 lb min pin to our 175 lb mastiff, when I say time for treats, he is always sitting with the entire pack, another dog in cats disguise.

I know the hardest thing is when as a pet "owner" you must let an animal not suffer, no matter the pain you may endure from the loss.

I am just going to let the tears flow & take him to the vet in the morning for the best guidance.

It is an amazing thing to have such a wonderful gift change your life,& pets (my kids) always are teaching me amazing lessons & no limits to how much they can love you.

There will never be another Oliver.

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  1. I've never "released" a pet before, only the bipeds in my family. You know what? My heart doesn't know the difference. The sense of loss is just as brutal. It doesn't matter if they are alien, human, black, white, straight, gay, adopted, ill, weird, or four-legged...when you love someone with all of your heart, they are all you have. We all have our own versions of what a family is, and my version has lots of fur.

    We already miss you, Fatty Fat Fat. Rest well, sweet Boom Boom

  2. I am so sorry. Oliver was as blessed to be with you as you were to have him. I have made this same difficult journey and find comfort knowing I did what was right for my furry boy. Hugs.


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