Right before my life turned 180

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


And so begins the tornado time warp...
The only way you can miss it is to avoid t.v., radio, stores & people.
Sept. The halloween stuff comes out (my favorite time to shop clearance)
October.halloween &"fall & thanksgiving "share store space... to nothing left for"thanksgiving decorations" by nov 10th...all it is about is black friday.
When the halloween stuff comes down in the stores,xmas stuff begins & spreads it's buy me! Buy me! Slowly through the stores before thanksgiving...

The first commercial I saw about xmas layaway was feb. 2011.

Now, making less money than when I worked, you can ask anyone,i am one of the best shoppers ever. Silas needs new suit pants for work? I search the web & find 90 dollar pants, clearance 20, one length too long (so I hem them), with coupon codes & ebates cash back,i end up spending 8 dollars.
So I get layaway (which I think we used every xmas when I was growing up because everyone had it)& I am no scrooge! I love xmas! BUT our buy, spend, camp out for that tv,etc is out of control.if you went to a store once a month,i swear you wouldn't know half the time what month it is.

As we grow up things change

I used to love the focus on me (only child, only grandchild...) Esp the fun with my grandpa & grandmas cooking. I can close my eyes &see&feel the whole thing. But, now with Monee&PaPa gone & now it's just mom, sharan, silas-work seems to stomp it's feet on the usual 24th fun. We do small, meaningful&needed presents, but not until march.

With holidays sometimes sad for silas, sometimes we don't even put up a tree. But this year, dang it, that tree (i have 4 all 1950's style) the big white our hot pink one & we are going to enjoy the lucky time off & enjoy silly movies& make the dogs wear reindeer hats:)

Just thinking about this, as I just saw yet another here is your lexus for xmas, that really makes no sense.

Traditions change, but we decide what to add& especially how happy we will let ourselves feel:)

Gift to myself soon

Being very physically weak this past year (my only goal was the darn thai chi & swim class where we don't swim but stretch & my legs go hopefully shots & procedure this week will help &i will for the 5th time in 6 years, do physical therapy,hopefully my swim class more than once every 60 days & do my wii or kinect...come on! )

Follow the journey, help find a cure!

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