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Monday, April 30, 2012

Tick tock

Not long till trip to D.C. Capitol to do Dystonia Advocacy Day! Mom coming to take care of our ZOO& plants!(5 dogs,3 are old & sick)a 13 year old cat, and 8 fishes!
We normally super clean 4 mom visits but  my dystonia is so bad &i gardened toooooo much & phy therapy is killing me !
Taking my travel scooter, fits in a car trunk so easy for cabs, though I sure wish I could take my sweet hover wheelchair, it's way better 4 my back. But it's heavy & each airline there and back is charging tons $ for one bag & scooter,BS!
We also have been saving up(way before knew about this trip) for new flooring ours is from 60's cool but dead:(
So, gonna have to wait an extra month after trip & to save TONS we have to pull up all floor&(please mom paint old border trim)& day of install move all furniture.but will save time &$800!
Very excited for trip & floor!

Day I get back (midnight) next day, phy therapy. Then week later start up phy therapy and yeah(!) I get to join my phy therapy hospital gym for free!(humana advantage medicare bonus, called silver sneakers:p

May is last of stupid cigna,(just got bill 4 $500 for last botox) then medicare.good thing is though botox & baclofen refill are going to cost me 20%,i have baclofen pump end of may:p

June,BOOHOO, is my last botox and DBS programing with my neuro (i love her! But she is moving for 2 years) so have 2 find new movement disorder neuro who does botox &dbs:(

Ok, good update for now

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