Right before my life turned 180

Monday, February 4, 2013

Well.almost been a month since removal & redo of dbs 1.9.13

Today...I became robot 2.0. Turned on, have to now charge me innards every morning,urg. Pain both muscles & nerve endings at a 9,& it's 11pm. Told will take longer time to heal,whoop, because jolts & pain wherever head is not completely numb. Sometimes bad enough take hospital nausea meds. I am glad finally turned on but now to the too much, too little, meds, pain, test limits,& notice things to mention to Dr.T on march 5th. I was super spacey word wise today, hope that stops soon.I know I can do this road traveled before in April 2011, this one is just more painful, step at a step.

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