Right before my life turned 180

Sunday, October 27, 2013

People and TIME

Before long you are swept away

TIME  no longer begins to remind oneself of an elusive mosquito or a nagging child in the candy isle

You notice the people stuck in time

The sad or deflated person stuck in PAST unaware of the people and events strained by the constant reflection deemed above necessary by this person

The toxic nature of only being in FUTURE the person unaware of their wishing glazed eyes of dreams to come - moments of Destiny that surely will arrive any moment without any effort on their part but lofty thoughts

The over indulgent PRESENT person who spouts out about their freedom of NOW but are slowly being buried by the constant change of time, unaware of the dirt falling like snow, pushing them further into the dark and lonely NOW dwindling survivors

And though when that day arrives where you do not see the clock of time but flicker  reminders of moments all dwelling in PAST,PRESENT, and FUTURE

The puzzle and fears or wonder of any moment of TIME now clearly showing they all are interlaced and in every type of moment not touched by Destiny or Fate

Not living in the PAST the present moment or constant FUTURE is the first glimpse of understanding your place

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