Right before my life turned 180

Monday, December 30, 2013

Odd moment& some insight

Hello know I believe things happen for a reason. (Like having my dogs hotrod& Harley...finding a unruly rescue I was going to find a home for& found out his name was chopper & immediately stopped finding him a home...had his name been fluffy or joe, NEVER would he be here& one of the most amazing dogs ever.)
So looking up how to finish and add whitewash boards to kitchen ceiling...this video played next.WHAT? So I watched it.
It's just the first 10-5 min I ask you watch, or listen to. But here, looking for how to paint video...I stumbled on some insight into ME.

No, dystonia is not a death sentence.but it does seem like a long drawn out torture device with no end in sight. There is no physical death, but loss of job, self, body, mind, all those are close to death. I know I am still a pistol, but true pre dystonia Amy is dead&I have had to change.

When she speaks of "ok need surgery or death" I thought about DbS. How some people still call& contact me terrified at the option of dbs before them. Her response was like mine.

I also see the depression on depression was as she said not OF the moment, but delayed.

I could go on, but for all our struggles, though different, this explained a lot.

Enjoy& share this if you want
Love to all
Amy behar,

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